The developers of the company Artezio (member of LANIT group of companies) has modified its mobile app PhotoVault, adding technological means of identification. The information that is stored in special closed folders will be protected by the operating system iOS.

The PhotoVault app is a virtual safe that allows you to hide photos, videos, notes and contacts. Enough to move a private file in the program folder, then it will be impossible to find or viewed without additional authentication.

The developers sought to minimize the possibility of random access to files when the smartphone is unlocked or your password is known not only to the owner. Now app users can apply for data protection as the password, and the modern identification system TouchID (fingerprint) and FaceID (face recognition).

PhotoVault not only has the ability to hidden file storage, but has features that reduce the possibility of unauthorized access. The application is able to masquerade as system programs. The system monitors all hacking attempts and takes pictures of people who wanted to see hidden folders.

The head of the Department of mobile development Artezio Igor Esipovich: “PhotoVault is a solution to protect user data. So we added an additional means of identification that was developed by Apple Corporation and positioned as a reliable protection device against unauthorized access to files”.

The app is available for all iOS devices in the App Store.

About Artezio

Artezio is a private company founded in 2000. Specializiruetsya to create software and provide consulting services in the field of software development. Since 2005, Artezio part of the LANIT group. Artezio specialists made more than 1,000 projects for clients from Russia, Western Europe, Israel, Japan, USA and Canada.

About LANIT group of companies

LANIT — “Laboratory of New Information Technologies” is the leading Russian and CIS multidisciplinary group of it companies. Established in 1989. Provides a full range of it services, the number of which steadily increases due to developing advanced and most required technologies and solutions. LANIT is a partner to over 250 of the world’s major manufacturers of hardware and software solutions in the field of high technologies. Team LANIT — more than 10,000 people.

Rating Agency RAEX LANIT is recognized as a leader in the domestic market of information and telecommunication technologies. According to the international company IDC, ranks first in revenue among companies providing it services in Russia. By the end of 2017, the group of companies LANIT took eighth place in the TOP 100 best employers in Russia and is recognized as one of the most popular companies for job seekers, according to the annual ranking HeadHunter.

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