Fortnite has become incredibly popular computer game. Its creators managed to earn more than one billion dollars — the company Super Data estimated sales revenue on all platforms.

In June 2018, it was reported that with the release of iOS apps, Epic Games Studio could make a hundred million dollars within three months. However, during the entire existence of the game — that is, about a year – Fortnite brought to its creators more than a billion dollars. This largely contributed to in-app purchases made by users.

Most players prefer the version for desktop computers. Promote Fortnite was promoted by the famous streamers from Twitch, which broadcasts viewed by more than 635 thousand people.

But the contribution of the iOS audience cannot be underestimated. Apple has documented a yield Fortnite, and Craig Federighi cited this game as an example of porting iOS apps to Mac.

Epic Games has no plans to stop there and is going to increase sales. Soon players will be able to purchase different modifications of vehicles to communicate and share purchases and purchase new collectibles. The Studio also began to work with the company Funko, engaged in the production of these accessories. Perhaps the demand for fan paraphernalia will help Fortnite become one of the most profitable games in the industry.


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