The project was implemented at PJSC Sberbank and MUP Tsentrtrans with the support of Administration of Barnaul. February 2, 2019 in municipal electric transport began to accept contactless Bank cards. On February 12, 2019 acceptance of Bank cards with contactless technology became possible, and other carriers that are connected to the automated accounting system of fare payment.

Sergei Shchukin, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on road facilities, territorial improvement, transport and communication of Barnaul: “contactless payment Technology is convenient and secure, so the number of people choosing this method of payment is constantly growing. Passengers there is no need to stock up on “detail”, you can always look at the history of travel to a carrier is an additional accounting of financial flows”.

The project was implemented on all municipal transport Barnaul is 200 trams and trolleybuses, as well as more than 400 buses of private carriers. To pay the fare, enough to put Bank card or other device with contactless technology (smartphone, watch, bracelet with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay) to the terminal that is the conductor or the driver, then the passenger gets the ticket and the required amount will be authorized in the future deducted from the account.

Anton Milutin, managing the Altay branch №8644 Sberbank: “Today, virtually every resident of Barnaul receives a salary to the Bank card. We invited the residents to use the conventional payment card for fare payment in transport. For the passenger’s convenience: don’t have to worry about timely replenishment, and security: the card is protected from write offs”.

Payment transactions in transportation occur with the use of offline technology that allows to increase the speed of their conduct (it takes fractions of a second), while write-offs for the perfect trip and receive SMS-the notification occurs with an interval in time. This is the principle of operation of vehicle acquiring. The transport processing system clearly captures the actual number of completed travel of the passenger and sends for processing only those which have not yet received confirmation of the debit card.

For the convenience of users on the website of the transport operator contains useful information and personal account where you can track the history of your home to repay the debt for the unpaid trips, and get answers to frequently asked questions about the service.

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