The incident occurred in the city of Gimhae, in the South of the Republic of Korea on 20 February, but publicized only now. The unnamed version of the Apple smartphone, owned by 13-year-old student suddenly began to warm up, what he said to the teacher. She immediately took action and no one was hurt.

“The phone was very hot, and I decided that with him is something seriously wrong. I put it aside and took the children away,” says Kim Yu Heme, a primary school teacher who led the class at the time. After a few moments the mobile started to smoke, then abruptly caught fire and almost completely burned.

The student’s parents immediately appealed to the manufacturer, but the Korean division of Apple responded only two weeks later, when information about the incident appeared in the press. The remains of the smartphone replaced free of charge, but declined to comment. The cause of the incident remains unknown.

It not the first case of the fire behaviour of modern gadgets. In 2016-17, the media reported dozens of incidents when electronic vaporizers, smartphones or laptops was the cause of the fire, an emergency landing or even a serious injury. The most common cause of explosions was a factory defect battery or a bad replacement. For example, in August 2018, the iPhone 6 blew right on the front of the car in six months after the owner had replaced the battery in the informal service center.

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