The bone conduction technology is no longer a novelty. A number of companies produce headphones that support this mode, and some experimenting with the transmission of sound through glass, and other surfaces that is “sounded” right in the head. But now Facebook took the next step.

The company intends to use it in VR and AR headsets, but the priority is still augmented reality. The technology will allow to get rid of the earbuds and transmit the sound directly to the inner ear. The corresponding decision is already patented. Among other things, this will allow you to combine the sounds of the real world and a virtual “layer”, which will also improve safety for users.

In October of last year, Facebook officially confirmed the development of an AR headset. And although it was said that the finished product yet, the work is clearly coming. The creation of such a device will allow Facebook to not be dependent on PC and ecosystems created by Apple and Google. If this is not specified at what stage of development is the ultimate device.

In General, it is an expected step. Virtual reality is not “soared” because many companies rely on augmented reality.

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