A really long awaited feature!

In the updated version of Google Chrome for PC and Mac introduced support for the long-awaited mode of “picture in Picture”. The developers of Google tested for a long time a new opportunity and finally managed to bring the function to an acceptable condition. However, it is the innovation Google was far from perfect, but fortunately for Chrome out extension, which makes the mode of “picture in Picture” complete. Told how to use the mode of “picture in Picture” on any websites.

Standard mode “picture in Picture” Chrome 70

Mode “picture in Picture” allows users of Google Chrome browser to watch any video from YouTube in a small window not only on browser but also system on top of Windows. This important feature developed by Google mode compares favorably with the alternative solutions that were previously available for users of computers running Windows and macOS.

In order to use it you first need to update Google Chrome to the latest version with an index of 70 in the menu “help” → “About Google Chrome”. After that you will be able to open any video from YouTube in the mode of “picture in Picture”. For this you need to right-click the mouse on the video and in the opened menu choose the new option.

How to use the mode of “picture in Picture” everywhere

Mode “picture in Picture” in Google Chrome 70 works fine in YouTube but on other sites not. However, due to the expansion Picture-in-Pictureis updated immediately after the release of Chrome 70, to use the “picture in Picture” can be anywhere. To open any video in a mode “picture in Picture” click on the extension icon on the browser toolbar.


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