Specialists of iFixit has finally finished a new dissection of Apple computer, talked about the internal changes and maintainability of the laptop.

Notable innovations from the engineers at iFixit said increased battery. Now, instead of petechaie 49.2 W batteries are used sectionstyle 58-watt battery. The battery was a bit heavier: 232 grams instead of 196. Surely this will have a positive impact on the autonomy of the computer.

Also changed the size of the built-in speakers. They were a little narrower and longer. Of course, employees iFixit found inside the computer chip of T2 responsible for the feature “Hey Siri” and safe loading of the operating system along with physical components of the device.

As usual, to fix the Apple computer is almost impossible. All the key components like the battery, processor and RAM, keyboard and speakers are connected to one presbitery unit. The only thing that can be fixed without consequences on the trackpad.

MacBook Pro 2018 was announced on 12 July. In computers there is support for Bluetooth technology 5.0 and TrueTone. Also improved keyboard.


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