A useful feature for users of Apple’s new smartphone.

In a report released last week the iOS update 12.1.1 discovered another new feature, which was available only for iPhone XR. Users of the new 6.1-inch smartphone Apple has the opportunity to adjust the duration of pressing on the display for use of gestures, Haptic Touch.

Recall that the iPhone’s display is not equipped with a XR-to-date technology Apple 3D Touch. Instead of 3D Touch Apple suggested iPhone users XR use gestures Haptic Touch. They imply the usual long holding on the phone, but when they trigger vibrations that mimic the use of a 3D Touch.

In iOS 12.1.1 iPhone users XR can adjust the duration with which you need to hold on the screen to call gestures, Haptic Touch. The new settings appeared in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “accessibility” → Haptic Touch. Users are invited to choose one of two types of depression — long or short.

With Haptic Touch iPhone users the XR can still use most of the 3D Touch gestures. By the way, this caused a lot of criticism from iPhone users without support 3D Touch. According to dissatisfied, Apple could implement the analogue Haptic Touch with the usual vibration on all models of iPhone.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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