Apple responded quickly to the error.

This week it became known that in iOS 12 , there is a bug, because of which various models of the iPhone and iPad may not start charging after connected to charger. Originally the problem was noticed only users of the new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone, but later it turned out that the bug manifests itself on all iPhone and iPad models. Released today iOS 12.1 beta 2 Apple has fixed that nasty glitch.

Custom iOS 12 seen in many iPhone and iPad users. Charging simply does not start when connecting the gadgets to the charger. From the problem helps to eliminate the activation display, or reconnect the charging cable.

Despite the fact that the solution is very simple, users are dissatisfied with the existence of such a bug. Some users have used the machine to install your iPhone and iPad to charge and to move away from mobile devices. It was their problem iOS 12 has caused the most trouble.

Fortunately, in iOS 12.1 bug will be fixed. However, when it will be released the final version of iOS 12.1 currently unknown. It is assumed that this can happen after the presentation of Apple in late October.


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