If you believe the forecasts of some experts, in the next few weeks, Apple may hold another presentation, which will feature iPad Pro with Face ID, a few new Apple computers, new accessories and maybe a pair of iPhone. On the latest announcement hints a code snippet found by the developer Guilherme Rambo, iOS 12.1.

According to the developer, in the code of the upcoming iOS updates 12, there is mention of two previously unknown smartphone with the IDs — iPhone iPhone 9.8 and 9.9. According to Rambo, it can’t be any iPhone XS or XS Max or XR, which appear everywhere under the eleventh room.

At present it is difficult to say what kind of iPhone are hiding under new identities. Some suggest that this month Apple will announce the successor to iPhone SE. The new probation budget Apple smartphone will be significantly different from the existing 4-inch models.

It is likely that as the basis for their new budget device Apple will choose a different base. Maybe it will be iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. To expect any cardinal changes is not worth it. Most likely, the cupertinos will be limited to the minimum improvements. For example, will be equipped with the new faster memory or increase the amount of built-in storage.


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