iOS 12.2 pleases!

iOS 12.2 continues to delight users of hidden innovation. Today it became clear that with the release of the final iOS version 12.2 for all iPhone will be significantly improved audio messages in iMessage. With the new audio codec of the message will begin to sound significantly more clearly and loudly with minimal distortion.

With the fifth beta version of iOS 12.2 in audio messages in iMessage started to use the new Opus codec with a frequency of 24000 Hz. It replaced the formerly used AMR codec with a frequency of 8000 Hz.

The difference between the audio codecs serious. Audio format .CAF, which is used in iOS 12.2 sound much more better quality than relevant in the present message format .AMR. To hear the difference between audio in different formats, you can watch the video below:

Here’s the direct comparison: what a difference!

— frederik riedel 🧗 🏼 ♂ I🇪🇺 (@frederikRiedel) March 13, 2019

Improved audio messages in iMessage will be available to all iPhone users after the release of the final version of iOS 12.2. It is expected that the launch of firmware will take place on 25 March, immediately after the presentation of Apple.


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