Yesterday, users became available the final version of iOS 12.3. The update has not brought any major changes. However, it contained a number of useful innovations. Some of which Apple is not directly reported. For example, the cupertinos have made a number of changes to the recommendation engine in Apple Music.

In the description of the update, Apple announced some changes related to Apple Music. In particular, it was aware of the change in the frequency of updates to music in the tab “For You”. In addition, the cupertinos have changed the layout of interface elements. However, the main innovation was not reported.

According to available data, now in the guidance algorithms of the service in the first place will be to start from specific playlists, advising them on the basis of individual tracks. It is assumed that this model of the formation of collections should be more efficient.

Active Apple users of Music have appreciated the innovation, and many noted that the new mechanism really better cope with their responsibilities.


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