Fortunately, it can be corrected.

iOS 12 is recognized by iPhone and iPad users a great upgrade with high speed and minimum errors. However, bugs in iOS 12 still are. The last of them can rightly be considered one of the most unusual and at the same time annoying.

Keyboard in Safari in iOS 12 is crazy

Users have reported that iOS and iOS 12.1.1 12.1.2 on various models of iPhone began to emerge non-standard bug in the Safari browser. When the user opens a new tab in Safari, the keyboard on the iPhone immediately begins typing. The keyboard automatically press different symbols, as happens in about two seconds. For clarity, we have shown an example of the bug in the animation below.

The iOS 12 annoys users due to the fact that such text entry occurs at the opening of each new tab. In addition, the automatically entered characters is required every time to remove, which adds to the inconvenience.

Some users stressed that they were able easily to fix the problem. In order to get rid of the annoying problem, it is sufficient to clear browser history in Safari settings. After that, new tabs in Safari are beginning to be established without problems.

Source: Reddit.


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