The staff of the publication 9to5Mac have carefully studied the fifth beta of iOS 12 for developers and found some interesting features.

According to the code for some regions will actually be available the ability to support two sim-cards, at least at the level of the operating system.

The component responsible for the formation of the diagnostic report includes the new reference to “the status of second sim card”. Another item refers to a “device with two sim-cards”. This suggests that iOS can work on smartphones that support two active connections over the cellular network.

Most likely, the connectors for two sim-cards will receive the greatest Plus is the iPhone version 2018. This feature may be good for users from European and Asian countries, as well as those who travel frequently.

According to research conducted by the Agency Atlas Device, in 2017 the device with two sim cards used most popular in Nigeria, Brazil and Egypt. At that time, as in the US, Canada and Australia such gadgets was fairly uncommon.


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