Apple hasn’t talked about it!

iOS 12 will delight users not only greatly increased the speed of work but also new features. Moreover, the number of innovations continues to grow. Today it became known that all iPhone with dual cameras running iOS 12 will be able to shoot portrait shots much more efficiently.

Previously hidden innovation found 12 iOS developer of the popular lenses Halide Camera 4 Ben Sandofsky. Studying past sixth beta of iOS 12 using specialized tools, he found that Apple greatly improved portrait mode.

Portrait mode in iOS 12 began to define objects more clearly, separating them from the background. In addition, decent raised detail, which also affects the increase in the quality of photos with depth of field effect.

Detail of portrait mode in iOS 11 (left) and in iOS 12 (right)

Improvements for portrait mode on the iPhone with dual cameras was expected. Since its release in 2016, the mode is under beta testing — Apple developers are constantly improving it. However, Apple has not said officially about any revision of the Portrait in iOS 12. For users, so improvements will be a pleasant surprise.

Source: Twitter.


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