A very unusual bug!

Users manage to find the unusual bugs in every major version of iOS. In iOS 10 was a “message killer” with a white flag and rainbow, iOS 11 apps terrorized by a black dot. iOS 12 is no exception — the firmware was also found a strange bug.

Users have found that if you say the word “hyphen” five times in voice dialling on iPhone running any version of iOS 12, the smartphone will instantly crash and reboot. The bug is triggered in any application in which it is possible to cause the keyboard to start voice dialing. Also the bug is triggered and in the Spotlight search.

Of course, no danger for users, this strange bug is not responsible. Even if you really need to record using the voice input of the word “hyphen” five times, it will only lead to reboot.

Yes, really plays on XS Max stable pic.twitter.com/J26SNXnzqL

— Sergey Demidov (@sdemidov) February 12, 2019

Note that specifically to reproduce this bug on my iPhone still is not recommended. Such arbitrary restart the iPhone just will not have a positive impact on the state of the smartphone.


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