The authors of the publication MacRumors continue to explore a special private build of iOS 13, which was received a few days ago. In recent days, and in it were found some previously unknown details about Apple Tag and hints the imminent release of Apple’s AR device. Today in iOS 13 was discovered image of the helmet augmented reality from Apple.

It is noteworthy that in the name of the icons, which depict the FC with a helmet marking B389. In the past this number was noted the Apple Tag. It is likely that icons will be responsible for enabling and disabling of the search objects in augmented reality.

In addition, the authors MacRumors made and other interesting findings. They found in a special iOS version 13 reference functions called Schooltime. After enabling this feature on the Apple Watch screen will no longer display notifications and run apps.

As the name implies, the function Schooltime is designed primarily for students. In the settings users can set the mode to be activated automatically.


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