Current and earlier models of motherboards Super Micro Computer (Supermicro) not contain any malicious chips, shown by the audit, commissioned by the manufacturer after the publication of Bloomberg, which claimed that Chinese hackers have established special microchips on motherboards Supermicro for servers largest U.S. companies to spy on them. This is stated in the clients addressed a letter, signed by the CEO of Supermicro, Charles Liang (Charles Liang) and other top managers of the company.

“After careful analysis and several functional tests experts found no evidence of the presence of malicious hardware in our motherboards”, — said in the letter.

According to Reuters, the audit was engaged by the company Nardello & Co, founded by a former Federal Prosecutor Daniel Nardello (Nardello Daniel). According to Agency sources, the company has tested samples of motherboards manufactured by Supermicro currently, as well as the versions supplied by Apple and Amazon, mentioned in the Bloomberg article. Was also tested software and files design projects, but experts have not found a suspicious chips, beacons or other data transmission, indicating the presence of a backdoor.

Previously, Apple, Amazon, American and British officials said they had known about the cases of attacks using hardware Supermicro. In October of this year, the senior Advisor for cyber security strategies-NSA Rob Joyce (Rob Joyce) said that the Agency is looking for witnesses with information “first hand” about installing Chinese microchips into the servers of American companies, because the Agency could not find evidence supporting the accuracy of the publication Bloomberg.

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