The new version of oxygen Forensic Suite, the flagship product of the company “oxygen software”. In “Mobile Forensic” 11.2 added support for several applications and cloud services from Mail.Ru Group.

Developers are not spared the messenger TamTam, the popularity of which has increased significantly after blocking in Russia is problematic Telegram. With new features of oxygen Forensic Suite 11.2 researchers will now be able to remove TamTam from the account information, chats with the media calls, contacts, etc.

As a team, “oxygen software” added support for the most popular Russian mail service Mail.Ru Mail. The program allows you to extract from Mail.Ru contacts, emails, attachments and much more this is private API.

In addition, in version 11.2 adds support for a new service providing transportation services. In the last version, I remind the developers added support for Uber, as in 11.2 the command “friends” BlaBlaCar.

As a result, the module “Cloud Services” can extract data about your account, travel, cars, travel, drivers, chats, and reviews of the largest online search for travel BlaBlaCar.

“In addition, we have expanded the list of services of fitness trackers and added support for cloud-based service that allows you to monitor vital health indicators, Apple Health. Experts can extract the account information related to devices, exercises, nutrition, sleep, body measurements, lab results, vitals (pulse, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, etc.),” write the representatives of the company.

But that’s not all. “Oxygen software” used private API with new data types for retrieving cloud service Telegram. Thus, it offers users the ability to analyze and extract data from the surveys, list of calls, messages from bots and albums.

“Forensic Detective” 11.2 supports more than 26,000 devices, 9 more than 250 versions of applications, 457 unique applications and 64 cloud service.

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