In Russia began selling refurbished iPhone X, announced sources in the market. Smartphones marked “As new” is available for purchase at a price cheaper than the new iPhone X.

As for the cost of the devices, it was even lower than expected. So, for the 64-Gigabyte version of the iPhone please X 61 499 rubles (in silver and space gray), a modification to 256 GB of memory will cost 299 rubles 69 regardless of color.

Each one is marked “as new” is subjected to factory recovery, the results of which undergoes rigorous quality inspection to identify possible faults. Such devices get a new display, case, one-year warranty and in some cases, the right service at authorized service centers around the world.

Despite the fact that sales of refurbished iPhone X just started, the smartphone can already be purchased from the partner store i-Ray.

In February of this year, Apple first started selling refurbished models of the iPhone 7, more informed buyers became available the same version of the iPhone 6s


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