And along with Samsung smartphones.

The state Duma of the Russian Federation intends to entrust the CPS check smartphones of Apple and Samsung on the subject of the intentional reduction of health devices. As explained by the Deputy Alexander Starovoitov, who developed order, Apple and Samsung can use algorithms that are slowing the software to increase sales of new smartphones in Russia.

Starovoytov said that earlier, a similar audit was conducted in Italy. During the inspection revealed that Apple and Samsung are deliberately exploiting the weaknesses of smartphones to give consumers an incentive to buy new models. In the end, the Antimonopoly service of Italy has written to Apple and Samsung with fines of 15 million euros each.

A similar check is required in Russia, said Starovoitov. The MP expressed confidence that “this algorithm of deceleration” is used on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Note that Apple deliberately slows down your iPhone with depleted batteries, irrespective of the country — is well known and officially confirmed the fact. Russian iPhone, as on any other, there is a decrease in peak performance if capacity Li-ion smartphone battery drops below a critical level at 80%.

Apple allows you to disable the latency when the user does not see it as necessary. However, if you disable the function, capacity control possible accidental disconnection of the battery supply may not be enough to service the processor.

How to check if your iPhone is slowing down or not, you can find in this instruction.

Source: REGNUM.


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