Russian users became available service, monthly rental iPhone, announced on its website the company Forward Leasing, running the service together with the reseller re:Store.

According to published information on the site, the choice available to a few the latest models of smartphones from Apple. So, hire iPhone 11 in maximum configuration will cost 4 646 rubles per month, and the rental price iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB is 7 562 of the ruble over the same period. Rent prices for older smartphones from Apple — XS and XS is Max — starts from 4 997 rubles. For iPhone XS Max with max memory, you need to pay 6 209 rubles per month.

As specified on the website, to buy the smartphone by paying its full price at any time. On the same lines can be rented and Samsung smartphones and also game consoles Xbox, to information on the website Forward Leasing.

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