In Russia launched the service GeekX for sales of used gadgets of Apple with a warranty for 3 months
On 25 November the founders of the service Camprodon launched GeekX, service to sales supported MacBook, smartphones and tablets from Apple.

The service will act as intermediaries in buying/selling Apple technology, the guarantor of transparency. What the service will provide its guarantee on used equipment.

To buy gadgets from anywhere in the country. And to put them on sale only to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

GeekX connects the seller and the buyer anapamu, the service does the work selling for them.

The buyer can choose several criteria for the selection of the gadget. The first is the condition — perfect, good and average. Then you can choose the color and memory and want to add accessories.

After confirmation of the order the buyer pays for the goods by card, and the service sends a device at the specified address.

The user can sell the gadget in two ways: quick, in two hours, or long, within 10 days from delivery to implementation.

In the fast variant to the seller will arrive the representative of the service, will inspect and test the device and immediately give the money.

In the second embodiment, the representative will take the gadget to an implementation, its timing, less than 10 days. In this case, the seller will receive 10-15% of revenue more than the quick sale.

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