The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation is working on approval of rules of control of devices with eSIM, the statements of the Department (the document is available In the case of adoption of regulations, electronics with built-in SIM card will no longer be outside the law and can freely be used on the territory of Russia.

“The results of the development of these requirements [to devices eSIM] will be discussed by the expert community — said in a statement. When the approval of the Ministry of communications arranges for their adoption. The presence was the Federal communications Agency of declarations of conformity entitles the manufacturers or sellers to produce subscriber terminals in circulation in the Russian market of means of communication”.

As of August 2018 technology eSIM is in Russia under a ban. The legislation in the sphere of communications and mass communications considers the use of embedded SIM cards cloning traditional, thus discouraging Russians use several kinds of electronic equipment.

What is eSIM

eSIM is a microchip built into the motherboard that allows you to remotely switch between operators without replacing the physical SIM card. eSIM is able not only to increase usability, but also due to its compact design to free up space inside the device.

iPhone with two SIM cards

The removal of a legislative ban on the use of embedded SIM cards in Russia will open to the Russians the possibility of purchasing the Apple Watch with LTE support iPhone 9 with the eSIM, if any, will be released, and a number of other devices. And, given the potential of technology, there is every chance that eSIM will replace the traditional SIM card in the coming years.


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