Now different funny gadgets you can buy without fear.

The Supreme court declared that citizens cannot be prosecuted for buying spy gadgets if it was made for tracking animals or ensure the safety of yourself or your loved ones. Also, the court explained to the courts that citizens cannot be prosecuted for the acquisition of such non-lethal weapons via the Internet, provided that they are not aware of their true purpose.

Over the past few years in Russia there have been many cases where Russians put forward the real criminal or administrative deadlines for purchasing on the Internet, “special means for secret obtaining of information”. Under such special equipment meant various gadgets with built-in camera or microphone, for example, “spy” pens. In the most resonant cases, the Russians just bought trinkets from AliExpress, but it’s got a very real charges.

That is why the Supreme court decided to clarify the courts position on such issues. People who buy spy gadgets for security or tracking of animals, can not be qualified according to article 138.1 of the criminal code. In addition, the Russians are unable to meet the charges for the purchase of such devices in cases where the purpose of the gadget was not clear for the buyer.

Note that in the future Russia will defined rules on the purchase of special equipment for secret obtaining of information. The bill, which suggested that the FSB has already been sent to the government for consideration.

The Source: Interfax.


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