No more additional payments.

The Russians do not have to pay for calls on my cellular from one region to another at an increased rate. The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill to abolish in-network and national roaming on the territory of Russia. The bill was discussed by the deputies more than a year.

The new law is expected to abolish any side payments for communication services outside the home region. This means that the cost of calls, text messages and mobile Internet traffic will be counted at the same rate no matter what region of the country the caller was.

With the abolition of roaming charges the bill provides for the introduction of a single tariff for all Telecom services, which will operate throughout the country. Details of the terms of this tariff, the deputies have not yet uncovered.

The bill to abolish roaming charges proposed by the deputies of “Fair Russia”. They said that roaming within the country is “an anachronism” from which all developing countries try as soon as possible to cancel.

If the bill is approved in three readings, the abolition of national and intranet roaming in Russia will take place on January 1, 2019.



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