A new initiative of the Russian authorities.

The Central Bank, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) and the Ministry of Finance of Russia consider that the fee for money transfers between individuals is unacceptable. In the analysis of the office staff has developed amendments to legislation which provide for the introduction of a single size of the transfer fees for transfers as between banks, and within a single Bank, irrespective of the region.

Analysis of the Russian segment of online translation showed that the Commission for Bank transfers disturb the Russians. Most of all Russians are dissatisfied with the need to pay a fee for transfers within the same Bank in the case of sending money to another region. According to representatives of agencies, such commissions greatly hinder consumers.

The Agency called such practice of Russian banks “inter-regional discrimination of consumers.” To solve the specialists of the Central Bank, FAS and the Ministry of Finance has developed amendments to the legislation. The proposed changes include the introduction of the same amount of Commission for transfers within the same Bank across all Russia. In addition, the government proposed to consider the possibility to connect all banks to a system of quick payments (SBP), which is developing the Central Bank.

Experts of the edition “Kommersant” noted that in the case of adoption of the developed amendments will suffer the most savings, since it accounts for the vast majority of translations. If the Bank will be connected to the SBP, the state Bank will lose income from fees for transfers.

Source: Kommersant.


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