Experts are alarmed.

In late October, Sberbank was a large leakage, which resulted in the open access were the database of all employees of the Bank. But as it became known today, in addition to the information about employees in the Network leaked files that belong to the system of integration processes of the development and operation of the software. Will this latest leak and should I be afraid on this occasion the usual clients of “Sberbank”?

What kind of files hit the Internet?

Experts in the field of information security has received a file access of “Sberbank”, which hit the net. In the published archive contains files that belong to developed Bank software. The specialists underline that we are talking about an unfinished draft is a draft that is likely actively developed. It is reported that the files had been sent from an employee of Sberbank, which dropped the files to his personal e-mail is likely to work on a project at home.

What about the leak of the experts think?

Third-party experts believe that such a massive leak is a signal for “savings”. The fact that Bank employees can send any information of restricted access on the external address indicates a low level of information security in the company, says CEO Zecurion Alexey Raevskiy.

Moreover, the incident, the leak shows what mechanisms does the “Sberbank” and how they checked for operability. This information can hackers use when trying to break the Bank or individual customer accounts.

What they say about the leak in the “savings Bank”?

The press service of “Sberbank” continues to remain calm. According to representatives of Bank, none of the information systems have not been subjected to cracking. Staff also noted that the leaked data does not contain neither commercial nor banking secrets. Personal information about clients in the archive as no.

Thus, according to the official position of “Sberbank” clients to worry about. Experts generally agree that a particular leak would not threaten the personal data of users, but can be used by attackers for their own purposes.

Source: Kommersant.


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