In the Apple Watch Series 4 can be installed LTPO display

Apple Watch Series 4 available on store shelves for more than a week. During this time the gadget was successfully dismantled and studied by specialists. However, only recently, the experts drew attention to the fact that the product can be installed screen the new generation of the LTPO.

A distinctive feature of the LTPO display is highly energy efficient. This parameter screens new surpass even the type of OLED screens. Also displays of the LTPO are somewhat cheaper to manufacture.

With regard to the energy efficiency of new screens, the experts believe that it is thanks to this parameter, the cupertinos have been able to maintain the high autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 4. Recall that the body of the Apple watch, a new generation got a little thinner. Along with this slightly decreased and battery capacity. However, with the autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 4 do not.

If to judge under forecasts of experts, in the future LTPO screens may appear in other Apple devices. Next in line is likely to be the iPhone. According to some reports, Apple may announce a smartphone with the new screens next year.

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