The 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. This is indicated by reference to a future smartphone, which is developed by Guilherme Rambo found in section PassKitUIFoundation updated operating system.

Despite the resemblance to the schematic images of the original iPhone X, the differences between the models visible to the naked eye.

iPhone X and iPhone X-Plus — differences

First, the new smartphone is much higher. This gives reason to believe that before us is a 6.5-inch version, since the difference with a 6.1-inch model would be less noticeable.

Secondly, Apple has redrawn the silhouette of the recess. Now she does not spread across the screen and has sharper angles, obviously, the percentage taking up less space on the smartphone display.

Thirdly, on the lateral face of the new smartphone, unlike the original, there was a conspicuous button. It is unknown why she was absent on a schematic image of the previous model. Perhaps because Apple merely points users to the possibility of launching Apple Pay.

iPhone X Plus is the best choice?

iPhone X Plus has all chances to become the most popular smartphone in the lineup of Apple on the appointment of an adequate price tag. In my understanding, the adequacy of ends at around $ 1,100 when the smartphone starts to compete with the MacBook Pro, which obviously should not.

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