Introduction of technology eSim, which allows you to connect to networks of mobile operators without a physical SIM card, carries a risk of protection of the Russian market, since it entails the dependence of the Russian market of foreign technologies. This opinion was expressed by RNS the Senator Lyudmila Bokova, the Deputy head of the Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction.

“There are risks, Yes, there are, from the point of view primarily the protection of the Russian market, I would be here with this point of view the discussed issues. Because we have all the same equipment its not possible, and the situation will entail the dependence of the Russian market of technologies from abroad”, — said the Senator.

Bokova also noted the need to support the Russian operators. “The channels will still be used by the Russian, that is Russian operators will still, therefore, worth supporting operators from the point of view of safety of using such technology and dependence on import substitution,” — said Bokova.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of communication Oleg Ivanov suggested not to force the issue of implementation of e-SIM-cards in Russia until you have resolved the security issues.

“We do not believe that this issue (of introducing eSIM) need to be forced. The first thing to solve all the security issues,” reported RNS in the press service of the Ministry of the word Ivanov.

In mid-March, the communications Ministry announced its plans to study the issue of prospects of the introduction of smart phones with pre-installed SIM cards (Embedded Sim, eSim) on the territory of Russia.

eSim — digital SIM card integrated in the smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. To connect to the network, the user must scan the QR code. Last year, Apple introduced a new model of the iPhone XS, which supports two SIM-cards — built-in and conventional.

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