Rumors that Apple is preparing to release a special transparent case for iPhone XR, appeared almost immediately after the official release of 6.1-inch novelties. However, cupertinos delayed with the start of sales of the accessory, so many began to believe that Apple abandoned such ideas. But today, the case still appeared in the Apple Online Store.

It is noteworthy that the accessory is made not from the usual colorless silicone, and thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. Judging by the first reviews, the case is quite flexible and durable. However, it is hoped that it will not so much yellowing in use.

So far the only brand case for iPhone XR is not able to protect the phone from any severe damage. In fact, it is designed to protect the vehicle body from minor scuffs. But this case also makes the iPhone more easy grip XR, and most importantly, that it does not interfere with wireless charging.

There is a new accessory for iPhone XR, like all the other Apple cases, not budget. In the Russian Apple Online Store it can be purchased for 3 490 rubles. To deliver the Apple promises within 7-10 business days.


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