To date there is no consensus on how well sold the last of Apple’s smartphones. Some network sources and industry analysts say that Apple reduces the volume of release of the iPhone iPhone Xs and Xr. However, there are those who report good sales of new products. The latter can be attributed to analytical company Mixpanel.

According to the latest report of the company, the new iPhone sold not as bad as some experts claim. Moreover, the demand for iPhone Xr was higher than for the iPhone Xs. The most popular iPhone sample 2018 was the iPhone Xs Max.

Moreover, if to talk about total sales of Apple’s smartphones, the popularity of the latest iPhone is noticeably inferior to its predecessors. In particular, most users bought iPhone X. this model accounts for over 11% of all purchases. iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and with the results of 10.11% to 9.81% take second and third places respectively. And this situation persists for several months.

As for the iPhone Xr, the demand began to grow in anticipation of the Christmas and new year holidays. In particular, the demand for this model in just two weeks rose from 2.2% to 3%. While during the same period, interest in the iPhone Xs fell 0.36%.

It is worth noting that the latest report Mixpanel confirmed by the recent statement made by Tim cook. Recently the head of Apple once again denied speculation that iPhone Xr no demand.


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