12 may at 18:00 on Belgorod educational platform will open an exhibition of mobile photography Ilya Novikov Gradients.
The exhibition will be more than thirty-posed and random pictures taken throughout the year. According to Ilya Novikov, the title of the exhibition has developed thanks to the people represented in the pictures and the surrounding atmosphere — all of this forms a gradient, a smooth transition from external to internal. A crucial role in his photographs the author took the color that it gave people, looking at pictures, more ways to understand the ideas of the work.
The photographer is in charge of this survey for more than six years and considers it a meaning of his life. Year after year perfecting her technique, Ilya Novikov was finally convinced that the iPhone camera is the most accurate and true to his ideas on the images. Therefore, continues to experiment with color and light and shows your work to the public, because it is one of the main goals of his work. Pictures of the photographer has been noticed by Apple and Vogue magazine.

Exhibition in the “Manufactura” (pobedu str, 83b) will continue until may 22.

Admission is free.

Text: Julia Hrabluk

Photo: Ilya Novikov

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