According to MySmartPrice, the official announcement of the new wireless Apple headphones and the wireless charging station will take place in the near future. Along with the approximate date of the announcement of the AirPods 2 and AirPower writers online shared some details about the novelties.

For example, MySmartPrice sources have reported that Apple’s new wireless headphones are different from the original model in several ways. First, AirPods second generation for the better should change the sound quality. Secondly, the new headset should appear special sensors to track certain health indicators of the user. And third, cupertinos can somewhat change the coating AirPods that they better stay in my ears.

Sources also report that the updated Apple wireless headphones have become thinner and lighter. This will be achieved through reducing the size of the battery built into the case. As for the price, then buy AirPods 2 users approximately $ 200.

Information about the AirPower available so far is not so much. Sources say that branded wireless station Apple will be slightly thicker than originally planned. In addition, there is information that after the release of iOS 13, AirPower will be some exclusive features. However, the sources did not specify which ones. Cost AirPower needs in the range of $ 150.


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