In the past, the network appeared the prototypes and engineering samples of Apple gadgets. However, just recently the journalists of The Verge has shared the first pictures of the prototype iPhone.

Work on the first Apple began two and a half years before the official announcement. While they were conducted in secrecy. Some engineers didn’t know exactly how it will look finished device. In fact, they worked with large boards, which were soldered all the necessary components and ports.

Exactly one of these boards and could study authors of the publication The Verge. It is the screen, CPU, RAM, drive, 30-pin connector, camera, Home button, SIM card slots and Wi-Fi antenna and Bluetooth. It is noteworthy that some Apple engineers worked with more simple prototypes, which were not even display.

According to available data, this solution was used for the design of the Apple and other smartphones. However, in recent years, the cupertinos have somewhat changed my approach. The company now masks the final device with the help of special covers.


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