This year, Apple is unlikely to release a flexible smartphone. However, many believe that sooner or later this gadget will be released. And talking about it not only online sources, but some competitors. In particular, is about to launch a flexible smartphone was mentioned by one of the top managers of Samsung.

In addition to the fact that Apple is working on flexible mobile device say and numerous patents. It is on the basis of information from the patents and created the concept of flexible smartphone Apple.

Judging by the available images, innovative apparatus will differ sufficiently large size. However, due to the flexible form such a feature should be felt not so much. Thus in the folded state, the device screen will be practically square. If this is indeed the case, the cupertinos have thoroughly refined iOS, and developers – their apps.

Another interesting feature of the concept is the thickness. Judging by the photos, the device will be quite thin. How, the engineers from Cupertino will be placed inside the unit with all the necessary filling, we can only guess.


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