It is assumed that in early June, Apple will unveil a radically redesigned Mac Pro. The main feature of novelty should become a modular design, which involves ease of upgrade. However, until now it was unknown how it will look like an updated Mac Pro. Now, the network appeared spy the slide where you can see a schematic image of a new computer.

Today, careful users found on the service Imgur picture, in the form of a slide where you can see the Mac Pro. It is noteworthy that apart from the appearance of the new Apple computer is also the main specs. According to the latest Mac Pro 2019 be equipped with a processor Intel Xeon W, one or two graphics cards AMD FirePro or NVIDIA RTX X BTO, Apple coprocessor T2, DDR5 memory SO-DIMM slots, two HDMI 2.1, 10-Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth module 5.1.

At the moment it is difficult to say how reliable is the published information. Features computer with high probability do not correspond to reality, while the Mac Pro renders look quite realistic.

As mentioned above, many hope that the cupertinos will present their new work station within WWDC 2019. However, the sale of the Mac Pro may appear high latency. Assume that you purchase a new users can only in the end of the year.


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