Despite the fact that official sales of the new Apple tablet is expected to start only a few days, the network has already appeared the first reviews of the iPad Pro c Face ID. His first opinion about the new shared authors of major Western publications.

The Verge

The new iPad Pro is a unique device for several reasons. First, the novelty looks very different from its predecessors. In fact, this is the first iPad received a total redesign. Second, the device was very powerful. Third, the iPad Pro has lost the Home button, this means that users will get used to the controls with gestures. You can continue and continue.

At the moment the new iPad Pro is really close to having to replace the MacBook, or at least to get up to go out in a row. However, there is one “HO”. the iPad cannot replace a MacBook because of the limitations of iOS. For this reason, before buying a really expensive tablet users should consider how they will use the product.


According to the authors iMore, looks like the new tablet from Apple is really unusual. While it is likely that initially, the cupertinos were able to make the frame around the screen iPad Pro (2018) is even smaller. However, this would affect the usability. Therefore, the novelty can be called “frameless” is very conditional.

During the presentation, the cupertinos have not focused on the fact that the new iPad Pro has been used by the special anti-glare coating. But subjectively the screens of their iPads with Face ID less blinded in bright light and much less glare is a definite plus.

In terms of camera, there have been no major changes. Tablet expected good shoots under normal lighting and not in the difficult conditions. In this case, as before, to take photos and record video, using enough overall the iPad is not very convenient.

To summarize all the positive and negative features of the iPad Pro with Face ID, then the end result is a powerful device with a quality screen, a face scanner, fast port USB-C focused primarily on professionals. However, all users will have to pay. And to pay a lot.


The new iPad Pro is a very powerful device. However, if a potential buyer plans to use the entire power of Apple’s new tablet for simple games and watching videos on the network, then it is logical to pay attention to more affordable versions of the iPad.

To iPad Pro (2018) didn’t seem too expensive device, its ability to be used at 100%. But it should be noted that the novelty is not a full replacement for a laptop.

Than the new iPad Pro pleased: high quality LCD screen with high resolution and support for 120 Hz, new, more functional pen for Apple Pencil 2 and Face ID that can operate in any orientation.


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