The network began to appear the first reviews of the iPhone 11. According to the tradition of major Western publications began to share their opinions about Apple’s new product a couple of days before the official start of sales. In a nutshell, the successor to the iPhone XR generally received positive reviews. Many liked the reduced price and the feature set that provides iPhone 11.

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11 iPhone is a great phone with good battery life and one of the best cameras on the market. Of course, you can add another $ 300 and get more technologically advanced iPhone 11 or one of the flagships on Android. However, in most cases, doing this is not necessary: the average user will be more than enough iPhone 11.

Although there were, and to criticize the successor to the iPhone XR. The disadvantages attributed the absence of complete powerful charge and imperfectly working iOS 13. The rest of the smartphone is very good.


Compared to the iPhone XR 11 new iPhone has not changed too much. Apple has retained the basic hull shape, materials and even the screen remained the same. Of course, I wanted to see more changes. For example, engineers could reduce the frame around the screen.

But also like its predecessor iPhone 11 high performance and autonomy. And it allows you to forget about some of the shortcomings. In addition, the new smartphone Apple has significantly tightened the camera, which is also a big plus.

It is difficult to say, whether to change your iPhone XR or XS on iPhone iPhone 11 – more no than Yes. However, for all other new 6.1-inch Apple smartphone is an excellent choice. Especially given the fact that the iPhone 11 is even cheaper than last year’s iPhone XR.


iPhone 11 is one of the most exciting iPhone released in recent years. At a price of $ 700 and it offers many interesting: ultra wide angle camera, night mode, better front camera, new processor, Apple A13, Gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi 6.

However, the main feature of the iPhone 11 is camera. Thanks to the advent of the smartphone wide angle lens, it now allows its owners to make quality portraits and much more, including portrait photos of animals.


Thanks to the advent of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Max CPU A13 Apple, the new Apple smartphones are even faster. This is evident in heavy applications – they run very fast. Also fast work, Apple Pay and Face ID.

However, if we talk specifically about iPhone 11, the smartphone is nothing special. He didn’t get a new screen, he didn’t have a fingerprint scanner in the display and it does not support 5G. However, in 11 the iPhone has a good camera. It is moderately productive and Autonomous. Therefore, we can say that the iPhone 11 is just a good smartphone.


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