Just a few hours before the opening pre-orders for the iPhone Xr the network began to appear the first reviews of the new 6.1-inch handset. Your opinion about bright unit has shared how major Western publications, and the authors of the famous Youtube channels.

Recall that immediately after the presentation, many journalists were very warmly welcomed iPhone Xr. Some have even called a 6.1-inch device a little more interesting than the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. But most of all enthusiasm called color – bright, rich and eye-catching.

In a nutshell, after more journalists practically did not change his opinion. Many believe that the iPhone is Xr not inferior to the flagship Xs and Xs Max.


iPhone Xr is not inferior to the flagship iPhone. It has the same powerful processor and has a Face ID. Yes 6.1-inch smartphone, no OLED screen with high resolution, no 3D Touch and main camera with two lenses. However, as practice shows, iPhone Xr to take very decent photos. In addition, many cool counters like change the depth of field of the picture accesses not only the iPhone Xs, but iPhone users Xr. Also do not forget about color palette – six shades, many of which look very bright and attractive.


CNET from the authors drew attention to the colors in which the iPhone Xr. Flowers quite a lot and there are plenty to choose. Moreover, in addition to the unusual bright yellow or coral, it is possible to “classic” white and black. So everyone can choose the right coloring. As for the feelings, the iPhone Xr nice in the hand. But to call the compact smartphone will not work – yet the screen size plays an important role. In this case, the display picture quality and overall feel looks about the same as the iPhone X.

According to the authors of CNET, iPhone, Xr can be chosen as a minimum for several reasons. First, is the price. A 6.1-inch smartphone is cheaper than the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. In Storvik, iPhone Xr has almost all the same features as the older models, including the effects of the camera.

Tyler Stalman

Feed author Tyler Stalman also very warmly on a 6.1-inch smartphone. In his opinion, today iPhone Xr is one of the most interesting device in the line of Apple.

Despite a lower resolution display than the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, not to say that the screen in the “cheap” novelty loses much OLED displays flagships. It has good detail and contrast. The only advantage of OLED is more saturated black color.

When taking photos, iPhone Xr also proved to be good – there is no sense that a 6.1-inch smartphone shoots worse than flagship models. And this applies to both the main and front camera.


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