Tomorrow on the shelves you should see a new MacBook Air. However, today major publications shared his opinion on Apple news. And if immediately after the official presentation, many journalists reacted positively to the novelty, full related enthusiasm was slightly less.

The Verge

It is worth noting that the new “air” MacBook was as revolutionary as its predecessor. In fact, the novelty was a simple Apple laptop, which has all the main chips, which appeared in the MacBook over the last few years.

Whether the new MacBook Air the money he asked for? In General, Yes. Even the basic version of the laptop works well and copes with basic tasks. However, this does not negate the fact that I would like that the new was cheaper.

On the one hand for less money you can buy a laptop with Windows or even chromebook. However, in this case users will not be able to take advantage of one of the main pieces MacBook Air – operating system macOS.

By the way, new “air” MacBook is not as long as claimed by Apple. In mixed mode, the new “live” about 7 o’clock, and come close to the claimed 12 hours of battery life did not work even once.


The main feature of MacBook Air is the screen 2018. Apple did exactly what was expected of it, many fans of the “air” line – equipped laptop Retina display. The screen was bright and with nice color balance.

In addition, it is worth noting a very loud built-in speakers. Despite the fact that they don’t take up much space, they sound really good. But the important thing is that the laptop has become noticeably louder.

If you choose between 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air 2018, the first will lose the novelty in almost everything. So if you need a compact and relatively lightweight laptop, you need to choose is the Air – now is the best solution.


The new MacBook Air has a new screen with a thin frame. For this reason alone we can say that novelty is better than its predecessor. But in the new Apple laptop has other features worthy of attention.


For example, MacBook Air 2018 runs incredibly quiet and copes with a variety of tasks. At medium loads, the notebook is practically not heated. But even if the new “loading” something heavy, the temperature of the bottom cap will rise slightly. The maximum it will become warm.

Other nice innovations, MacBook Air is made in 2018 can be attributed to the loud speakers, good battery life, increased the quality of web cameras and excellent work Touch ID.


2018 MacBook Air is an interesting solution, which is somewhere between 12 MacBook and MacBook Pro 13. In comparison with a 12-inch model of the new “air” laptop offers users more power, more ports, and Touch ID. But it weighs more.

If you compare the new MacBook Pro 13, it loses the “Proshka” in performance, the number of ports and the quality of the screen. Also do not forget that in 2018 MacBook Air no full-fledged graphics card and this is minus.


New MacBook Air cannot be called a revolutionary product. Yes, the laptop has a high resolution display, a Core i5 processor, good battery life, great trackpad, quiet keyboard and a fingerprint sensor. But all this is in other Apple products.

In fact, the cupertinos have done exactly what was asked for by many users. But the main question is, why the company waited so long to update, if no revolutions in 2018 MacBook Air was not planned.


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