The miracle did not happen.

IPhone users continue to complain about the main problem iOS 12, even though the new year festive mood. The social networks are still actively publish negative reviews related to the fact that on an iPhone running iOS 12 can suddenly disconnect Wi-Fi or LTE. Today Apple should not expect saving the updates, so the main iOS 12 will be in 2019.

The main problem iOS 12

iOS 12 is a great update that has earned many good reviews. On the background of the terrible first versions of iOS 11 new firmware and all initially seemed to be the best in years. However, in iOS 12 still has a nasty bug that spoils any pleasant feelings from the firmware.

A relatively high number of iPhone users there are sudden turn off Wi-Fi or LTE. The Internet connection just disappears — while surfing in Safari, apps, games, etc., And restores the connection immediately. In some cases the users and did have to restart the device or toggle airplane mode to connect.

That most unpleasant of all in this situation is the fact that the bug is known not the first week. In fact, the first feedback about the bug in a small number appeared in October. But on the court without one day in 2019, and the problem has not been solved. And today, 31 December 2018, it will not be fixed. Expect the saving update, which should be iOS 12.1.3, it should be in the early to mid-January 2019.

Recall that there is a way to temporarily fix the problem crashing when connecting to the Internet on the iPhone in iOS 12. We talked about it in this instruction.


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