Gorgeous night theme!

The official application “Vkontakte” for iPhone received one of the most powerful upgrades for the last time. The developers added in app “Vkontakte” beautiful dark theme, which is activated throughout the interface.

Apple stubbornly refuses to add the dark theme of the interface in iOS, so app developers are increasingly acting themselves. But if the dark theme of the interface in their apps added the largest foreign developers, now it has come to this and the creators used in millions of Russian users of the application “Vkontakte”.

How to enable dark theme “Vkontakte”

In order to enable the dark theme in “Vkontakte” for iPhone, you must first install the latest version of the application with an index of 5.2. Then you need to go to settings and in a new tab “appearance” to select the dark theme. The interface becomes dark instantly, without having to restart the application.

Dark theme interface “Vkontakte” will certainly appeal to many users. However, for owners of iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone it will also bring a much more obvious advantage. The newest Apple smartphones equipped with OLED displays black color consumes much less energy. So, thanks to the dark interface theme “Vkontakte”, the users iPhone with OLED screens will be able to extend the life of your smartphone.

On Android phones dark theme interface “Vkontakte” has not yet appeared. Representatives of the social network said that the innovation will be released for Android in the “near future.”


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