In the Yaroslavl art Museum will tell you about the famous British artist Banksy. A public lecture on April 9 will read an art critic and a leading methodologist of the Russian Museum Alexei Boiko. Contemporary art, the author will compare with the oldest. In his opinion, artists constantly look to work that was relevant many years ago.

The name of the person who is hiding under the pseudonym Banksy, is still unknown. Sometimes, as in the case with the personality of the writer Victor Pelevin, even doubts the existence of a single artist. However, it is unlikely that they are justified.

Banksy became involved in graffiti since the late 1990s. Quickly gained fame in England, and then throughout the world. His street art involves a severe social, political and philosophical themes. In the following gallery you can find, for example, the image of Steve jobs, which the artist painted in a French refugee camp. As you know, the father of the founder of Apple, one of the recognized geniuses of modern times, was a migrant from Syria.

— Apple is the most profitable company in the world, she pays more than $ 7 billion in taxes a year and it only exists because once a young man from HOMS was allowed into the country, — said Banksy.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the auctions of work by the iconic artist of our time. Some are much more expensive. So, in October of last year Sotheby’s the painting “Girl with a balloon” was sold for 1.4 million. Nobody expected that immediately after the purchase, it will self-destruct in the embedded frame into the shredder — this was the idea of Banksy, not just provoking and epatirovala their ideas and creativity.


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