Music streaming service Tidal, owned by rapper Jay-Z allegedly wound up listening to some albums on the platform. According to foreign media reports, the authorities have started investigation into the incident under article “fraud”.

More payments for the wife

Music service Tidal, formerly known as WiMP, was purchased by rapper Jay-Z in 2015 to compete with such platforms as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Apple Music. Unfortunately, despite the large financial investment and support of big-name stars, Tidal was tough and equal competition with other streaming services could not even count.

Failure Tidal has led to the fact that the company Jay-Z start cheat listen, reported the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv. Journalists of this newspaper spent a year watching the service level indicators to come to a disappointing conclusion — a lot of numbers on the website do not reflect reality, differing from it by hundreds of millions of auditions.

In particular, the publication points out the differences in listening to two albums — “The Life of Pablo”, owned by Kanye West, and “Lemonade, who played the wife of Jay-Z, singer Beyonce.

Both records were released in 2016 as an exclusive for Tidal. According to the offered service itself, these albums listened to hundreds of million times in the first 15 days after release. However, Dagens Naeringsliv conducting the study in collaboration with the Norwegian University of science and technology, found that the numbers were artificially inflated by approximately 320 million auditions.

According to journalists, this was done on purpose to increase royalties for artists — the more pageviews, the higher cash payments for the artists.

Tidal has denied the crime and blamed the Norwegian newspaper “smear campaign”.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian authorities have confirmed that the company was under investigation on charges of fraud — they are engaged in local Agency for investigation and prevention of economic and environmental crime.

Despite the fact that the charges are not yet filed, at least four employees of Tidal already been interrogated by the investigation. It is reported that three of them showed signs of interference figures related albums Beyonce and Kanye West. These employees left the company in 2016, having signed a confidentiality agreement.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Tidal declares that officially the company is not held as a suspect in the case, and is in close contact with representatives of the investigation.

“It would be wrong to disclose the details of our communication media,” said Tidal. Rapper Jay-Z has not yet commented on the initiation of an investigation.

Too many contradictions

Earlier Tidal has already been seen in several scandals. In 2016, the same Norwegian newspaper citing sources said that the streaming service has more than hundreds of unpaid bills, most of which came after a deal with Jay-Z. So, Napster had several music festivals, the landlord providing the building for the main office, to many labels, as well as banks, hotels, taxi companies and restaurants.

In 2017 appeared information about the fact that Jay-Z has overstated the number of subscribers to Tidal. When the rapper stated that his service has reached an audience of a million subscribers actually, the figure was about 350 thousand people — this according to the payment documents.

A year later, Jay-Z announced about three million listeners Tidal, but according to checks from record labels, their number did not exceed 850 thousand

In the same year it became known that the Tidal with one of the founders of the service and friend Jay-Z — rapper Kanye West. According to wife, Kim Kardashian, Tidal owed him about $3 million Most part of this sum is a bonus for attracting more than 1.5 million new listeners, who allegedly appeared in service after the release of the album “Life of Pablo”.

After leaving the Tidal West decided to go the other way and introduced his next album “Ye” at several venues, including the little-known app that was broadcasted by the party for the release of the new album.

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