Vainu using the algorithm collects a database of companies from around the world to facilitate finding clients and contractors. To artificial intelligence not confuse the articles about Apple articles about apples (Apple in English), people need to manually mark hundreds of texts to train the algorithm.

As told by co-founder of a startup Tuomas rasila, the English text is easy to entrust to contractors on crowdsourcing platforms, but in Finnish such services is not. So Vainu invented to give this task to outsource prisoners.

The startup has entered into an agreement with a Finnish Service for criminal penalties, put ten computers in two prisons in Helsinki and Turku and started to pay for each completed challenge, as much for the same work is given to freelancers (the part of the remuneration takes the state).

According to rasila, now their algorithm trained about 100 prisoners. In the future Vainu plans to contract with other prisons in Finland.

The Report notes that even though the fact that prisoners pay as much as freelancers on crowdsourcing platforms, pleases, it is still a small reward. In one study calculated that the platform Amazon Mechanical Turk pays participants $2 per hour.

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