The cause of the crash is not yet established.

Social networks Instagram and Facebook inaccessible to many users worldwide. Services have recorded serious problems that are manifested in all countries, including Russia. Causes of failure currently unknown.

According to the service DownDetector, Instagram and Facebook have started to work intermittently from 15:00 Moscow time. This files most often about the failures of social networks, misleading the people of Russia, USA, Brazil, India and the countries of Western Europe.

According to the collected statistics, Instagram is not completely open in 46% of Facebook — 44%. About 30% of users reported that the services you cannot perform authorization. The remaining 20% have problems with mobile applications services.

Other social networks also noted failures in the operation Instagram and Facebook. Numerous complaints recorded in Twitter and Facebook. Representatives of Facebook and Instagram has not yet commented on the situation, therefore it is unclear when the services again earn normally.

Source: DD.


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