Intel made a very unpleasant news — in 2019, the situation around its processors on the market will not change. As you know, now they are in short supply, and buy them at a reasonable price is impossible, and will until the third quarter of next year at least, if not longer.

Told by an Intel representative Kunimasa Suzuki, not becoming to go into details about why Intel, with its opportunities and money can’t solve the issues more quickly. Recall that while AMD vengeance mastering 7-nanometer process technology and is already preparing to present the first CPU on it, Intel still can not switch from obsolete 14 nanometers of at least 10 nm.

The latter has already mastered all manufacturers of mobile devices and Huawei, Apple and even Qualcomm are producing 7-nanometer CPU. In short, Intel is seriously behind the times and trying to stay afloat by selling their old CPUs at exorbitant prices. It has had its consequences: the share of AMD in the processor market for laptops is growing from quarter to quarter, more and more manufacturers release new products at Ryzen, Core and Xeon are gradually forgotten. And since the new year the situation will not change, then AMD has a real chance to be the new leader — she deserved it.

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