Intel leaves the market for mobile 5G modems
Following the news of the unexpected agreement between Apple and Qualcomm, Intel has said that is not going to create 5G modems for smartphones. Apple tried to replace Qualcomm to Intel as their supplier of modem chips, but it was reported that problems with the introduction of technology are the reason why 5G will not appear in iPhone models this year.

In its statement, Intel said that “it plans to release 5G modems for smartphones, including those originally scheduled for release in 2020.” According to CEO Bob Swan, “we are very pleased to study the possibilities of 5G-sphere and “cloudification” network, but mobile modems, we do not see positive profits.”

In November last year, Intel announced that accelerates the development of technology 5G modems. Now the company is going to “evaluate” its the 4G and 5G in PC, IoT and other devices, while continuing to invest in the development of 5G technology infrastructure.

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